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Simple to Use

Animalcarpet CMS has a comprehensive feature set and operates with a consistent and intuitive interface. Once you have learnt how to use one resource, all others work in the same manner and with the same standard features. There is no need to learn multiple configuration options and interface styles as you would with plug-in widgets for other CMS products.

Animalcarpet CMS is a hosted solution which means you don't have to worry about setting up and running your own webserver, that's all taken care of for you.

Multi-channel Publishing

Animalcarpet CMS gives you the internet tools you need to communicate with your customers across a number of different channels. You can use the same tools and interface to generate content to publish through your website or direct to a subscription list via newsletter or email.

Web Standards

Our commitment to the implementation of web standards ensures that your site will work across a wide range of browser software on both PCs and mobile devices. Support for standards has other spin-off benefits.

  • Adherence to XHTML standards makes the site more accessible and search engine friendly as the document is easier to parse and can be indexed more accurately.
  • WCAG Level AA compliance exceeds the requirements for compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and ensures that your site will be accessible to the widest possible audience.
  • Pages will 'work' on a wider variety of browsers, allowing the site to appear in a consistent manner across a greater range of platforms and browsing software.
  • You gain both forwards and backwards compatibility and increase the longevity of your site design as the standards tend to ensure compatibility with older versions and are the starting point for new versions which new generations of software will track.
  • Standards are widely understood within the programmer and developer communities which makes support easier to obtain.

Think Global

Animalcarpet CMS contains an powerful translation management system which allows you to easily manage sites in multiple languages and communicate effectively with your customers in a language they understand - their own.

All static content and dynamic resources within a site can be are handled by the translation management system; from identifying and preparing content for translation, preparation and export of an XLIFF compatible translation file, importation of translated segments and the rebuilding of pages in the required languages. The system also maintains a translation memory that allows translated strings to be reused.

To complete the picture, Animalcarpet CMS uses Content language negotiation to serve up the most appropriate version of a page to your customers.

New in Version 3


Case Study - Learn about the new features and technology in the third major release. Version 3 is a complete rewrite - Animalcarpet CMS just got a whole lot better.