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Improve Workflow

The last thing that should get in the way of you doing work is the technology that's supposed to assist it, but that was exactly what was happening for Jane and Gail and their PR business in Dorset. Writing press releases on behalf of their growing client list was the easy bit, getting them published on their website was a whole different matter. They were struggling along with a Windows Live site that a friend had helpfully set up but the process of transferring copy to the site was taking far longer than it should - any sort of update to the site was a nightmare for them.

While Animalcarpet CMS could take care of most of their site requirements 'out-of-the-box' there were a couple of areas where bespoke components would greatly assist with workflow and solve the crucial issue of making site updates a simple and straightforward matter. Three new resource types were added to the Animalcarpet platform to cater for the specific needs of this business (but they have obvious wider application):

  • Press Release
  • Client
  • Case study

By using the business' client list as resource categories it was possible to associate content directly with business clients making it easier to search and to display client specific information, such as company logos and related content.

Adding press releases is now a straightforward process leaving them much more time to get on the important business of growing and servicing their client base.

If you are struggling with your website find out how an Animalcarpet CMS site could help you get on with running your business rather than running your website.