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As well as animalcarpet CMS, I've created several other web application systems for different client requirements. Some have a very narrow application others are more general in nature or could be easily adapted for different environments.


netQuestionnaire started life without a specific customer in mind and I built it purely because I'd always fancied writing a survey tool. It is designed to provide simple survey building and candidate management, the interface provides WYSIWYG survey and question definition. It supports 16 different question styles including:
  • Multiple choice choose one, choose n, choose all that apply
  • Freehand single line, multi line, integer, float, email, date
  • Rating out of 5, out of 10 and matrix questions
Question types support validation of for:
  • mandatory
  • sum
  • count
  • min-max
The questionnaire also supported multimedia questions and bespoke template and CSS Stylesheet options.



A project for Agena NV (Manufacturer of Delsey Camera Bags)

This site, now running for over 7 years (and recently reskinned), was a first foray into PHP programming. Delsey Camera Bags website was aimed at an international audience and was at one point available in 5 different languages. Agena only sold bags through a network of dealers so the requirement was to market the bags and publicise the dealer network rather than sell product direct throught the site.

Products can be displayed by range and type and are searchable by category, size and the equipment that they can hold. Other features include product comparison mechanism, directed search when matching purchasor requirements and automatic language and browser country selection (fairly standard features nowadays but very unusual back in 2003).

Learning Assessment Tool


A project for Fieldwork Education Ltd.

Currently being used by 140+ schools to track the nature and quality of 'learning' within classrooms. The system controls all aspects of the scheduling, recording and reporting of classroom observations against different learning criteria (Knowledge, Skills and Understanding) as will as a more general assessment of the character of the lesson. Extensive reporting facilities assist in the analysis of the collected data against a class or an individual teacher and against different timeframes.

Looking for Learning

Static Sites


While interactive, database-backed websites have can provide a great user experience sometimes all that is needed (or afforded) is a static site consisting of a few pages to communicate the intended message. 'Static' doesn't have to be boring - there's plenty that can be done with HTML, CSS and a few decent images.

Here are a few of the static sites I've done for clients:

New in Version 3


Case Study - Learn about the new features and technology in the third major release. Version 3 is a complete rewrite - Animalcarpet CMS just got a whole lot better.