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New in Version 3

Version 3 of the Animalcarpet CMS platform represents a radical restructuring (actually a complete rewrite) of the codebase to simplify the structure, expand the features set, improve performance and to enhance the extensibility of the systems architecture. The platform does more, consumes fewer systems resources but still retains the essential features that make it a simple to use, flexible Content Management System.

Version 3 adds the following major features:

  • Complete audit trail for ALL resource editing and admin operations
  • Full text search on all resource types
  • Location-sensitive content automatically scales multimedia content to fit page location
  • Newletter subscriptions
  • Configurable multilevel menus
  • Unified NFS v4 style Access Control Lists for all resource and admin objects
  • Configurable sitemap
  • Video transcoding
  • Date restriction on resources allows items to be queued and expired
  • Resource "Collections" allow simple content querying and reuse
  • Numerous new resource types

but... it's all in a MUCH leaner, much quicker, package.

  • The database has only a third of the tables when compared to version 2
  • The codebase is a quarter of the size!
  • The system has a smaller memory footprint so can support more users on the same hardware

To find out more contact Paul to discuss how the new features in Animalcarpet CMS will improve your site.