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Food Service Portal

The purpose of this site is to make chefs and other staff in remote restaurant locations aware of minimum food service standards, recipes, food preparation and service tips, equipment and product details for a range of food service types. It was particularly interesting to work on because the many different content types that needed to be integrated into the pages, including video resources, text tables and food images.

There were a number of interesting challenges in the project but none more so than the need for flexibility to display different content types in a consistent manner. So, some food service types had a number of images available, others just a single example image; video was available to illustrate food preparation techniques on some of the dishes but not for others; even recipes were only required for some dishes.

This project has involved the creation of a a number of new resources to handle the display requirements of the different data types for display in a simple javascript driven carousel. One of the more interesting new resource types allows equipment listings produced in Microsoft Excel to be cut and pasted out of a spreadsheet and automatically converted to HTML table without the need to hand code the HTML tags.